How If you are interested in Executive Search, I can from experience and the bottom of my heart say: There is no more interesting, educational, fascinating, challenging and rewarding work on this planet. Five years in the Search Industry is like five years in a top-notch business school. And from here onwards, it only gets better. When you get more experience, also the challenge will grow, slowly but surely. At best, a career as a Head Hunter can carry you all through life. My career lasted over 30 years, and I have not regretted a single day.

For a Head Hunter, the professional development curve is only upwards. From every new search assignment, you learn something new, from every person you meet or call, you learn something new. You learn to know different industries, companies, products, services, technologies, markets, people. You learn to understand what it means to be, e.g., a marketing director, CFO, production director, human resources director, finance director, division director or a CEO of a big company. Also what kind of person is suitable for these positions. You meet the most interesting top business leaders, from all walks of life, who share their knowledge with you. When you have learned enough, the business leaders will start asking your opinion about matters. And you know that your work is important.

Finally, one day, you stand in front of a billion-dollar company CEO, and when you say, “this is the way things are”,  he/she will listen. To get this far, you must have a strong interest in the business world, and you must work hard. Nothing comes easy. It may take ten years, even more. There are no two identical search assignments, no two identical clients, no two identical candidates, no two identical years. When the business world, companies, technologies, products, services, markets etc. develop, you as a Head Hunter are right smack in the middle of everything, with the best seat in the audience, and you develop too and stay tuned with everything that is happening. But only if you give it your best try. Any less is too little.

The most challenging search assignments and situations are the best ones. Here you ”really”  learn what the work is all about. Albeit it does not feel this way when you are up to your neck in trouble. However, you never give in, you never abandon or fail your client, not your candidates either. As the day finally arrives when you have successfully completed this assignment, it feels fantastic. I did it! If you want an international experience, you can best get it from international Executive Search Firms. That said, also small, locally operating Search Firms can offer excellent high-quality service.  Size is not necessarily the defining factor.

At the beginning of my career, I wished I could have found a book from where to learn about Executive Search. I never did find one, so I decided to write the book myself. I put everything I had learned and experienced about Executive Search during my 30 years career in How to recognise excellence in Executive Search. 

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