Career Change Management


This webinar is a systematic run-through of a career change process and gives insight into and discusses all the key factors, the dos and don’ts and themes related to a career change and how they impact. It provides a new perspective, ideas, different viewpoints, out of the box thinking.

The webinar is based on discussions with over 10 000 business executives where we talked about their career change motives, goals and experiences, about what is good practice, actions supporting reaching a desired career change, and bad practice, actions potentially leading to an undesired career step.

The goal is to improve your ability to define what a career path for a person with “your” background might look like. To give methods by which you can identify and search for jobs that correspond to your desires, personality, values, and professional experience. Also advising how to advance on the practical level in the career change process and avoid taking wrong actions.

When in a career change

Most people know what recruiting is about. Yet, in a career change situation, most also have question marks. The issues arising and discussed are much alike regardless of professional expertise or background. But the starting point and the reasons behind a wish to land a new job are always individual. So are the answers.

Therefore, even if one knows all the right questions, few rarely feel they have all the answers. This webinar offers an excellent opportunity to confidentially spar one’s question marks and career thoughts. Many already have ideas of what they might like to do but would like to get a second opinion. In my experience, most people feel sparing helps clarify their career thoughts and increase their odds for a successful career move.

Examples of topics discussed

» I send in numerous applications, but I am never invited to interviews, why?
» I am invited to interviews, but never become the winning candidate or even a finalist, why?
» How can I identify all the factors, which make me consider a career change now?
» How can I search for the right kind of jobs, in the right kind of companies, for the right reasons?
» How do I make sure I do not land the wrong job by mistake?
» How can I find out what my career expectations are in the first place?
» Must I have career expectations? Can’t I just look for a nice job I could like?
» I want to do something else, but I don’t know quite what. How can I find out what it could be?
» People often have more potential than they know themselves. Does this apply to me too?
» How can I analyse what my skills are, what I am good at, where perhaps not?
» Instead of just waiting for a Headhunter’s call or a job advertisement, I want to be active, how?
» How can I map companies, workplaces, jobs that correspond to my interests and desires?
» Must I brand myself when in the process of a career change? Is this important?
» How should I write my Cover letter and CV?
» How do I prepare for an interview?
» Are references important in a career change situation?


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