Executive Blog Summary

In the Author’s Blog written by Bob, all articles are accessible one by one. However, as the total number of pages of the articles are almost 150, we have now on the readers’ request also collected them in an Executive Blog Summary, an easy-read, easy-use PDF eBook publication. Also available on Amazon Kindle.


Click on the picture below to view the whole Table of Content.

Table of Content for Executive Blog Summary by Bob Olin.


Bob writes a Blog where he wants to share his experiences and thoughts to companies thinking about recruiting, persons planning a career change or a job search and executive serach consultants that are interested in another perspective.

In this PDF eBook you can conveniently scroll through the text or move directly to any article from the table of content with one click only, and customize the text size according to your needs.

Available from our Webshop:

Bob wants to share, not profit, so we only debit a self-cost price (2,20€) for the PDF eBook.

On Amazon Kindle.

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