Onboarding Executive Search


There exist no two identical Executive Search Firms or Headhunters. In every Firm the owners define the business, the service offering, the price strategy, the goals, and how they want to organize their business processes and best practice. This Onboarding Webinar is a systematic and thorough run-trough of the success factors, key elements, must-haves, and actions defining an Executive Search Firm, the Search Process, the recruiting process in general and how they impact on the everyday work.

For whom is the Onboarding Executive Search Webinar?

For Executive Search recruiting first-time business executives and hiring managers and all those who yet have little experience of using the services of an Executive Search Firm.

For experienced business executives and in-house recruiting professionals who want to update, deepen, or benchmark their understanding of what defines a successful Executive Search Firm.

For all wondering about a career in the Executive Search industry and want to check what the business is about.

For those taking their first steps as a Headhunter and want to have a doublecheck into the must haves of a successful Executive Search Consultant.

For experienced Headhunters who want to benchmark how things are done in a successful Executive Search Firm.


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