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Customer reviews of the book How to recognise excellence in Executive Search

22 reviews for How to recognise excellence in Executive Search, hardcover

  1. Bengt Lindqvist

    Insightful and useful about the recruitment industry. A must when you want to land the job you want.

  2. Ralf Hermansson

    In this book Bob clearly points out that quality in a service doesn’t come by accident. By wast experience he knows what he’s talking about and good examples color the text. Highly recommendable for all interested in the search-profession regardless of level or years in the business.

  3. Johan Friman

    Well written & a lot of detailed information. A very comprehensive book. Includes all the information needed especially for people interested in working for the Executive search industry. The extremely important role of the researchers is also explained well, a role that end customers don’t always understand. A bit less of repetitive topics would have been good.

  4. Kari Niskanen

    Bob’s book really takes you into the world of executive recruiting. The author’s long experience and expertise clearly show. The book has an understandable and down to earth approach, which makes it easy to read. No unnecessary consult jargon in this book. Some repeats but nothing that disturbs. Can definitely be recommended.

  5. Anonymous

    Bob Olin’s book provides a truly unique and comprehensive description of contemporary executive search from the perspectives of clients, candidates, as well as the consultants and researchers working in executive search.

    This book can be recommended to anyone who wants to understand how a business that is often regarded as secretive works in practice. Especially for potential candidates, the book answers questions before they even come to mind!

  6. Hannu-Matias Nurmi

    Bob Olin has channeled his expertise and insight based on decades of high quality work in the area of premium executive search.

    As I’m currently building up an executive search firm of my own, I’d say Bob’s thoughts have been extremely valuable and also a good check list for the definition of ‘excellence’.

    These days, as the terminology and conception around executive search is getting obscure and all kinds of services are wrapped in the cover of ‘executive search’, Bob’s book acts as a good reminder of industry best practices that ensure that the client value is delivered. As someone believing strongly in transparency, I really enjoyed Bob’s way of walking the reader through the process in details, which often during the actual processes might remain something that seems to be a bit behind the smoke curtain from candidates’ or clients’ point of view.

    I strongly recommend reading the book – both for the search industry newcomers but also for the ones that think they’ve ‘been there and done that’ (only rare of us have nothing new to learn).

    The book is also a great introduction to companies using executive search services and candidates willing to progress their careers.

  7. Anonymous

    This highly throughout book offers an excellent insight for those interested in the executive search industry. The author gives a researcher’s point of view to the business – this is something that you can’t find elsewhere. I can warmly recommend this book.

  8. Jaakko Anttila

    A piece of gold.

    In every business area there are some “laws of nature” that reveal themselves little by little for those who work on that sector for long enough.
    In the Foreword of the book Bob Olin modestly says that he is writing down his own opinions. Actually, he wrote down much more than just opinions: he wrote down those “laws of nature”!

    For non-recruiters this book gives valuable, revealing insight. You must read this if
    – you are buying executive search services (find out what you actually should be paying for) or
    – you want to know how to promote your own career.

    For recruiting professionals this book is a piece of gold for benchmarking and for learning more. And for getting peer support from a very, very experienced researcher!

  9. Heikki Ihasalo

    Can highly recommend the book! The book was a very interesting introduction to executive search. It gave for a non-recruiter a clear picture of what the executive recruitment process is in practice. The book also included useful tips on how to become a candidate for executive search.

  10. Nina Wendelin

    Exciting insights! Bob Olin’s book is a complete guide and a rare and exciting insight in the field of executive search.

  11. Pasi, 35 years experience in the ExS

    If you want to know everything about ExS read the book! Finally a book, which is covering the whole delivery chain of the executive search. The writer really knows the business. You could start reading from any point and read the parts interesting you most. However, I strongly recommend studying the whole content even if some issues are repeated in the diverse chapters. Strong recommendation!!!!

  12. Timo Kukkonen

    Excellent reading! Works well for anyone interested in the subject. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field or someone looking for advice for the next career move, can benefit from the different views presented in the book.

  13. Helena Jäntti

    Highly recommended. A very informative book in nicely writing model, everything you need to know about executive search. Perfect way to start processing your own mindset about this area.

  14. Pavel Ishanov

    Carefully selected material. Written by the person, who is real guru in his profession. I also have had some personal experience meeting with the author. I must admit he is smart and outgoing person. Hope his book will have many readers!

  15. Elina Niemi

    Highly recommended. Useful and detailed package of executive search process and ethics.

  16. Klaus Kuhanen

    Good reading for any business professional. I found the book something I wish I had available early on in my career – and very useful even at a later stage in once life. Covers all you need to understand when being a Executive Search customer!

  17. Ari Karhu

    Excellent. I found the book very useful. The principles that Bob presents to run a successful operation could well be applied not only to executive search but to many other business areas, too. I recommend reading / studying the book.

  18. Arto Sormunen

    The writer combines nicely his special knowledge with a rather broad perspective in professional service business. Worth of reading for seasoned professionals and very informative for youngsters in Executive Search.

  19. Antti Ruhanen

    Excellent and professional book written by one of the best professionals in the industry

  20. Sanna Kröger

    Excellent read. Bob really knows what he writes about. Experienced, detailed guide to executive search and research function. Bravo!

  21. Anonymous

    Very good and interesting.

  22. Anonymous

    A very informative book, everything you ever need to know about executive search in a nutshell. Much recommended!

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